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Excellence and experience in conducting clinical trials.

Daily growing database

Quanta has access to thousands of potential patients for clinical trial from our 96k patient databases and network of approximately 4k referring doctors who regularly send patients to Quanta for our core diagnostic business.

Quanta CR

About Quanta

Quanta was founded in 2004. We are a team of well trained professionals including approximately 20 MDs and PhDs in the fields of cardiology, radiology and nuclear medicine, mostly educated at Federal University in Curitiba, University of Sao Paulo, Vanderbilt University, Penn State and Johns Hopkins. Quanta is led by CEO João Vítola MD, PhD, a cardiologist and Nuclear Medicine physician.
The company began as a medical clinic specializing in cardiac imaging. In the last eight years Quanta has expanded its diagnostic testing to almost every organ utilizing gamma cameras, computed tomography (CT), and positron emission tomography-CT (PET-CT). The company has 80 employees, and a staff of 60 nurses, technicians, research staff, IT staff, software developer, and management team. Since 2004, Quanta has been selected to conduct numerous clinical trials, having as sponsors e.g. Forrest Labs (ASPECT trial), Astellas (ADVANCE trial), Lantheus Medical Imaging (Flurpiridaz for PET/CT), and BMS (Sestamibi for Kawasaki disease), as well as several projects with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), a mermber of the UN family of organizations, operating out of its headquarters in Vienna.

Quanta CR

About Curitiba

Brazil’s 7th largest city with 2 million people in a very organized and clean environment;

Meaning 2 million reasons why Curitiba is the perfect venue for your next cardiovascular clinical trial;

Only 30 minutes flight time from São Paulo, Brazil largest city with nearly 20 million inhabitants;

45 minutes flight time from Rio de Janeiro;
Amazing population diversity (Caucasian, European, African and Asians descendants).

Quanta CR


Quanta has the patients, expertise, culture of quality, and available technology needed to deliver well executed clinical trials. Quanta has access to thousands of patients, who are potential volunteers for clinical trials. Our team of 10 cardiologists perform approximately 35.000 clinical cardiology consults per year. Quanta has been building a prospective database in cardiac imaging (nuclear cardiology and coronary CT angiography), especially in nuclear cardiology. Currently, clinical and functional information from about 96.000 patients are available in our database. Our network includes approximately 4000 referring physicians from throughout the Curitiba in southern Brazil, who regularly refer patients to be evaluated at Quanta, for our core diagnostic imaging business. This value is further enhanced by Quanta’s specialized medical expertise in cardiology and past experience on existing imaging technology (SPECT, PET/CT, coronary CT angiography, and calcium scoring) for use in clinical trials.


Quanta Clinical Research

  1. Dr. João Vicente Vítola MSc, PhD - Dr Joao V. Vitola is a Cardiologist and Nuclear Physician in Brazil, trained at Vanderbilt University , USA. Obtained his PhD from the University of Sao Paulo. Several publications in the field of nuclear cardiology. In 2004 edited Nuclear Cardiology and correlative imaging published by Springer—Verlag in New York. In 2009 co-edited nuclear medicine imaging a teaching file published by Lippincott Williams and Wilkins, Philadelfia. Consultant for the International Atomic Energy Agency in the field of nuclear cardiology.
  2. Dr. Carlos de Araújo Cunha Pereira Neto - Dr. Carlos Cunha is a Nuclear Medicine physician trained at Campinas State University (UNICAMP). Has also training on PET at University of Pennsylvania. Author of 2 book chapters and several articles in general nuclear medicine and nuclear cardiology.
  3. Dr. Juliano Julio Cerci MSc, PhD - Dr. Cerci is a PhD Radiologist, and trained Nuclear Medicine and Radiology at FMUSP. He is a visiting professor at UFPR, medical researcher at INCOR-FMUSP and Consultant for the International Atomic Energy Agency. Also is the cientific director of Brazilian Society of Nuclear Medicine.
  4. Dr. Rodrigo Julio Cerci MSc- Dr. Cerci is an Interventional Cardiologist trained at INCOR/University of Sao Paulo and specialized on CT coronary angiography at Johns Hopkins University/USA, where he spent almost 3 years participating and conducting clinical trials, with several publications on the field. He is also trained on GCP by Hopkins and on NIH web-based “Protecting Human Research Participants”. 
  5. Dr. Miguel Morita MSc, PhD - Is a Cardiologist trained at "Dante Pazzanese" Institute of Cardiology in Sao Paulo. He is also Professor at the Department of Medicine at PUCPr in Curitiba. He was awarded a Master of Public Health degree from Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health, a PhD degree from University of Sao Paulo Medical School, and spent two years as a research fellow at Brigham & Women’s Hospital in Boston, MA. His research project focused on cardiovascular diseases, particularly the underlying mechanisms of the development and progression of heart failure. As part of this research he has analyzed epidemiological studies and multi-center clinical trials data.
  6. Dr. Fabio Rocha Farias MSc - Dr. Fabio Farias is a Cardiologist trained at UFPR and Master Degree on Health Science. He is responsible for the Valve Disease Department at Curitiba Mercy Hospital. Also is Professor for the Medicine School at PUC-PR.
  7. Sandra Solci Zier - Sandra Zier is Bachelor of Science with experience on Nuclear Medicine Images. She is Clinical Research Coordinator of Quanta since 2004 and was member of Neurology Institute of Curitiba IRB and AD HOC invited member of CONEP between July/2013 and May/2016. She trained on GCP and on NIH web-based “Protecting Human Research Participants”. Among others achievements, she was awarded for exceptional data quality in the Ischemia study.
  8. Vilmar da Veiga Junior MSc - He holds a degree in Biomedicine from Faculdades Pequeno Príncipe (2010). He is currently Professor - Research Assistant at Faculdades Pequeno Príncipe, Biomedical Research Institute of the Pele Pequeno Príncipe and Biomédico - Clinical researcher at Quanta Nuclear Diagnosis.
  9. Pedro Henrique Prado MSc - Graduated in Analysis Systems Development and Information Systems, Master Degree on informatics at UFPR (Universidade Federal do Paraná) and artificial intelligence engineer by the institution Udacity/Mountain View, California. Software developer with more than 15 years of experience leading the design, development, implementation, and support of mobile and back-end software architectures. Manages all aspects of the software development lifecycle (SDLC) and drives development projects and programs using strong managerial and technical skills. Professional strengths include strong technical expertise in the development and administration of cloud-based applications. Member of Neurology Institute of Curitiba IRB.  


Beyond expertise and our highly qualified team, Quanta has a complete infrastructure to do clinical trials. We have over 20.000 square feet of dedicated space, distributed between 2 facilities, and equipped with advanced imaging technology, prepared to perform high quality clinical research.

We also offer:
A dedicated research area;
Lockers for confidential storage;
Temperature controlled rooms and refrigerators;
A dedicated monitorings area, with access to fax, wireless and internet;
Good network with potential cooperation with local hospitals and laboratories;
Fully equipment for medical emergencies (Defibrillator, pacemaker, oxygen, complete CPR equipment, etc);
A well trained staff;
CT (128-Slice Scanner); 5 Dual head Gamma Cameras (2 cardiac dedicated); PET-CT;

IT Infrastructure

Our IT team works constantly with the most updated and advanced software and hardware, not only to reliaby maintain our database (more than 14 terabytes of information) but also for daily back up of clinical data.

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Quanta Clinical Research


Beyond expertise and our highly qualified team, Quanta has a complete infrastructure to do clinical trials. We have over 20.000 square feet of dedicated space, distributed between 2 facilities, and equipped with advanced imaging technology, prepared to perform high quality clinical research.


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